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This scholarship is in recognition of the contribution Bridget Gilchrist (our Chief Content Manager) has made to Language Perfect, and celebrates our new partnership with the University of Otago Department of Languages and Cultures.

We're offering one lucky student a scholarship of NZD$5000.00 towards their course fees when they enrol in either a Bachelor of Arts (Languages) or Diploma in Languages at the University of Otago for the 2014 academic year.

"Vocabulary acquisition is a key component of language learning. The Department of Languages and Cultures of the University of Otago recognises the value of Language Perfect as a learning tool which helps students from beginners’ level onwards to build a strong vocabulary base and to internalise it. An enhanced vocabulary can assist students’ progression to advanced levels of language competence."

 - Dr Simon Ryan, HOD Department of Languages and Cultures, University of Otago.

Students who achieve an Elite Award (10,000+ points) in the Language Perfect World Championships will be invited to apply for the Scholarship.

Judging and selection will take place over June/July 2013 with final confirmation once final enrolment has been confirmed with the University of Otago.

Selection process:

  • Award of the scholarship will be made based on score in the Language Perfect World Championships; academic performance in NCEA or equivalent, particularly in language subjects; and potential and motivation to succeed at university.
  • Students must have scored at least 10,000 points in the Language Perfect World Championships 2013.
  • A one page questionnaire will be emailed to every student interested in applying.
  • Students will be required to complete the questionnaire, attach a short 1-2 page CV with NCEA record of learning or equivalent with at least 1 written reference from someone other than a parent/relative.
  • A short list of applicants (approx 6) will be interviewed via Skype with the Marketing Manager of Language Perfect.
  • The winner will be announced and payment will be made once confirmation of enrolment from the University of Otago has been received. Students must be enroled in either a Bachelor of Arts (Languages) or Diploma in Languages at the University of Otago for the 2014 academic year.
  • Language Perfect will organise a credit of NZD$5,000.00 from the successful student's first year course fees with the University of Otago.
  • This prize can not be exchanged for cash.
  • The final decision for the Scholarship will be made by the Marketing Manager of Language Perfect in consultation with the CEO and Chief Content Manager.


Who is Bridget Gilchrist?


Bridget is the epitome of achievement in language studies. During her studies at Craighead Diocesan School, Bridget took an interest in French and German. During her school years, she went on a French trip to New Caledonia in Year 11, and later won a national Alliance Francaise trip to New Caledonia; giving it up for a GASS scholarship to Germany. Her studies and overseas experiences fuelled her love for languages, and Bridget scrapped her plans to study health science at Otago, instead turning to the languages department.

While completing her BA (Hons) in German and DipLang in French, Bridget played an active role in the Languages department. She was the leading lady in the German Play in her first year, and later became the first student to direct two German plays: Amphitryon and Der Biberpelz. Unafraid of hard work, Bridget also volunteered to present at the 2010 international Kleist conference, and for a year worked as research assistant for Prof. Tim Mehigan. She joined the university’s International Mentoring Program, and tutored a local high school language student.

Bridget’s hard work didn’t go unrewarded. In her first year at university she won the Otago University Eric W. Herd Memorial Prize for top of German at any level. The next year she won a University of Otago Scholarship in Arts, alongside a Baden-Württemberg Scholarship from the German government which allowed her to complete an exchange semester at Heidelberg University. To fit everything in, she decided to complete this during Otago’s summer holidays, thus squeezing five semesters into two years. Bridget then applied for and received the DAAD Winterkurs Scholarship in 2011, before graduating with a first class BA(Hons) in German and a DipLang in French at the beginning of 2012.

Now Bridget is the Chief Content Manager for Language Perfect and is having a significant impact on the promotion of Languages around the world. She’s created specialised lists to promote Maori and Samoan language weeks, added several languages (eg Russian, Dutch) to the Language Perfect system, and has had the pleasure to talk to teachers at various conferences about enhancing Language Perfect. Last year, she worked on our exciting new sentences feature which she is positive will make grammar more fun and accessible.



Scholarship Contact: Scott Cardwell, Marketing Manager, management@languageperfect.com


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